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Currently, I am involved in the following research projects:

  • Engineering Experiences: Engineering Experiences is a National Science Foundation-funded ITEST project (Award #1513102) with the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL). Engineering Experiences is designed to introduce and engage middle-school students to engineering during out-of-school time and foster long-term interest and pathways into the field.
  • 3DARVisualizer: I am interested in looking at ways in which 3D Modeling along with Augmented Reality (AR) can help enhance student spatial reasoning skills and how AR can be used as a 3D model debugging tool for novice 3D modelers.

Projects I have had an opportunity to work on in the past:

  • Tactile Picture Books 
  • Interacting with 3D Printers During Tabletop Games: This project gauges ways to extend tabletop games using Fabrication Technology (3D Printing) and to develop proof-of-concept games. 
  • Understanding Help Strategies for 3D Modeling and Printing Tasks: This project investigates ways in which help can be provided to novices who are learning how to design 3D models using Computer Aided Design software, and to 3D print the models that they create.